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who we are

KitAid Australia are Partnering with the football community to collect and distribute your old or new kit to some of the most underprivileged communities in Australia and the Indo Pacific.

KitAid Australia is a charity established by David Walker, who visited Mongolia in 2019 with Diamonds in the Community, an existing charitable organisation set up to promote and encourage inclusion through sport.

Throughout this trip, David realised that football could have a positive impact on people’s lives, through community inclusion and involvement. Following this trip, David decided to establish KitAid Australia, with the goal of collecteing football kit from partnering clubs, retailers, distributors, Governments, and individuals, and distributing it across Australia and the Indo Pacific region, in partnership with other charities, with the goal of bringing people together through the beloved game of football.

Our Approach

We reach out to the global football community

By networking with Football Clubs at all levels and the football community around the world, we seek donations of new and used football kit so that we can recycle it and give joy to people who have next to nothing.

Most football clubs will change their strips, change sponsors or simply grow out of kit every other season. Kids grow out of football boots extremely quickly and individuals end up with collections of football kit in their wardrobes that will never be used again.

KitAid aims to repurpose this surplus kit which, once donated to us, is then distributed to underprivileged communities. With a simple donation, your old kit gets a new lease on life, and you can also share in the joy of giving, knowing that your old, unused gear can be donated to a deserving cause and will change peoples lives.

Our Mission

To network with the football world, collect and distribute old and new football kit to some of the most underprivileged communities across Australia and the Indo Pacific region.

Our Vision

To harness the benevolence of humanity to make a difference to kids and adults who have next to nothing, and to whom donated football kit could literally change their lives.

Our Model

KitAid Australia is a Not for Profit charity and therefore we rely on our wonderful volunteers, supporting partners, corporates and governments, and caring individuals to Kick Lots of Goals. Please join the team and help us to make a difference.

Contact Us

Kit donations can be sent directly to PO Box 576, Toowoomba, QLD 4350. If logistics prevail, Kit may also be collected from some clubs in QLD by appointment (please email to arrange).

What We Do


We Partner with Football Clubs

We reach out to football clubs at all levels to donate their unwanted or unused kit, to distribute to deserving communities. In addition to this being a potentially life-changing donation, this can also form a pathway for clubs to scout for new players and raise their profile in new regions.  


We encourage kit donations

We encourage any company, distributor, or retailer to donate surplus kit, shirts, boots, and more. We are happy to accept misprinted or flawed items, old stock that is taking up space, and we will gladly accept bulk donations. For individuals, a collection of different pieces of kit or football boots can go a long way in needy communities – get your mates together and put your spare football kit in a box, and send it to us!


We form logistics partnerships

Logistics companies who are able to assist with relocating boxes of donations from their origin to our central facility in Darwin are a valuable step in our process. As this is the most costly part of our distribution model, we highly appreciate any donations of time or assistance. If you or your company can assist with logistics, please get in touch to register your interest.


We relocate kit to a central location

Initially this was in Darwin but will be duplicated in the coming 12 months to other Australian cities, the current central location is Toowoomba in Queensland.  If you wish to volunteer your time for boxing up sessions in please contact us.

Please send kit to:
PO Box 576, Toowoomba, QLD 4350


We build a network of community groups

Once donated, we utilise a chain of organisations to move kit to its destination, and this model is built around community groups who have a pathway into needy communities assisting with collection and delivery to the destination. We also form partnerships with charities on-ground at the destination, who can then assist with distributing the kit to needy communities.


We build pathways into remote communities

By assisting remote, underprivileged communities and promoting social inclusion and community involvement, we form lifelong partnerships with communities and the wonderful people within them. They often need more support than just football shirts, and when we create a pathway it can identify other aid requirements that hopefully we can connect them to through our growing network.

Want to get involved?

What we Aim for!

Involving Communities
Giving joy by being involved
Encouraging participation
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