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The Kit Aid Story

Who We Are

Football for change

KitAid Australia is networking with the football world, to collect and distributing your old (or new) football kit to some of the most underprivileged communities across Australia and the Indo Pacific region. KitAid Australia was founded in Darwin, Northern Territory in February 2021, and established in Toowoomba, Queensland in 2022.

old kit with a new lease on life

By distributing surplus football kit to those in need, in some cases it can double an underprivileged child’s wardrobe as they can often have next to nothing. But much more than material possessions, it is sharing the joy of enabling children and older people to participate in a team, learn new skills, and to form lifelong partnerships within these communities.

Our Aims

Involving Communities
Giving joy by being involved
Encouraging participation

Reducing Waste & Susbtainability

"Climate change presents an imminent threat to the Marshallese people."
- Matt Webb, Marketing Director of the Marshall Islands Soccer Federation

You can help communities like the Marshall Islands by reducing unnecessary waste. KitAid Australia reduces waste in the football community by recycling pre-loved kit to communities in need.

If you want to assist KitAid in the push to reduce waste, please get in touch to recycle your new or used Football Kit.

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